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David Gaistman |
Lo sentimos mucho y esperamos que la familia Ajzen solo sepa de alegrias.
18 October 2004 - La Jolla Ca

Monica Mircescu |
I was fortunate enough to spend few days with Linda early on this year. She was a wonderful person, full of energy and always with a smile on her face. This is the way I will remember her. My heart is with you Daniel, Roman and Alan.
18 October 2004 - Philadelphia

Debbie Ives |

My love and prayers are with you and your family. I am so sorry to hear about Linda.

God bless,
18 October 2004 - San Diego

Tune, Tofy, Elena y Esther |
Daniel, Alan, Roman:
Linda fue una gran mujer, siempre la extrañaremos, aunque no convivimos mucho con todos ustedes, sabemos que la perdida que han sufrido es muy grande y que todos siempre llevaremos su recuerdo en nuestros corazones.
18 October 2004 - México, D.F.

Eileen Zuniga
Daniel, Roman, and Alan,
Please know that our thoughts and prayers are for you at this difficult time in the loss of Linda. Even though I personally did not spend alot of time with Linda, I know through the many years of friendship with my daughter Sandie, that Linda was a very loving and special person who touched many lives. Know that she will always be with you. She was a wonderful mother and cared deeply for her sons. And she was so excited and proud of you Roman at your graduation from Stanford. May the Lord grant you peace and comfort at this time.
17 October 2004 - Bonita, CA

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