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Ken and Sandy Coleman |
Though we never had the opportunity to meet Linda or Daniel. It is apparent reviewing your photoes that Linda was a happy person with a full life and a wonderful family. We would like to express our heartfelt deepest sympathy to Daneil and your family.

Ken and Sandy Coleman, FranNet, St. Louis, MO
17 October 2004 - St. Louis, MO USA

Javier, Victoria y Michelle | |

Sabes que en lo personal en el poco tiempo que tuvimos de contacto ya como familia existio un cariño muy intenso hacia ti y hacia Linda, Hoy las palabras sobran sabes que cuentas con migo en lo personal y con toda mi familia.

Feter: papa y mama nos enseñaron desde que nacimos a quererlos lastima que hay veces el tiempo no nos da toda la oportunidad, te queremos (Victoria y Michelle)

Roman y Alan

Primos lo que necesiten estoy yo y toda mi familia (Suzy, Victoria y Michelle) para apoyarlos y compartir su Pena
17 October 2004 - Mexico

Jaime y Vicky Mitrani |
Daniel Roman y Alan

Esperamos que el tiempo cure esta gran perdida, y saben que siempre cuando nos necesiten estaremos con ustedes.
17 October 2004 - Mexico

Sarah Bassuk |
Daniel, Roman and Alan,

For many of us it seems that it is sometimes easier to remember the painful and difficult times of our lives.

My wish for you, your family and all who knew Linda, is that the joyous, loving, exceptional person she was will always be what is remembered.

A ready smile that was just a fraction of her true, inner beauty.
A daunting intelligence that was always craving more for herself and those around her.
A devotion to loved ones that was obvious to even casual acquaintances.

My strongest memory will always be of Linda and Daniel at my own wedding. I was struck during just one of their many dances that night, by the obvious love and joy they shared in each others presence. I will never forget it and feel blessed to have shared even a small part of it.
17 October 2004 - Cardiff, CA

Mauricio y Haya Levine |
Queridos Daniel, Roman, Alan y familia:
Que los hermosos recuerdos y el amor de Linda les den la fuerza y paz que necesitan durante este momento tan difícil.
Con cariño,
Mauricio Levine y fam.
17 October 2004 - Bonita, CA. EUA

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